Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Re-inventing the wheel.

Over the last few weeks I've subscribed to a new YouTube channel: "CaseyNeistat". It's just about this cool guy living in New York that uploads daily 10 minute "Vlogs". (Basically a video diary/diarrhoea showing his day to day life). He makes some really interesting content and does some unreal things. One of the quirky aspects of the channel are his modes of transportation. He always travels to different places via unusual methods, whether it be an electric skateboard, self balancing electric scooter or motorised unicycle. It makes sense, walking is pretty boring...

Kinda inspired, I went to the shopping center yesterday with the intention of buying something to get around the place with (Who needs a car anyway?!). I started at K-mart, and store jumped my way around the mall, my womanly bargain hunting instinct kicked in. Rebel sport delivered the goods.

The picture above reveals the dilemma I was faced with "Which board do I want to break my bones on?" I pondered. Yep, I went with the super cute, rainbow "Penny-board" for $40. (Named so because of it's gargantuan size).

I wasn't happy with the width of the trucks that came with the Penny so I also grabbed a cruiser board from K-Mart for $20 purely to salvage its trucks, wheels and bearings.

That's me swapping the trucks and wheels over.

As I planned on taking this thing around with me, I had a foolproof idea to make it robber resistant. By cutting out a hole in the end of the board I could chain it up if required. Not that any normal person would steal a vivacious looking skateboard; but there are probably some real sickos out there that would want to own stuff like this.

And as extra insurance...

If that isn't the most sensual looking skateboard you have ever seen, then we have things to discuss.

Let's see if all those teenage years playing Tony Hawk's Pro - Skater 3 have payed off.