Sunday, 23 August 2015

This is only the beginning!

Gday Everybody!

I'm sure there are millions of fellow bloggers
out there that have been really hanging for me to finally start one...

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Josh, i'm an immature 20 year old male currently studying mechanical engineering (3rd year) at Macquarie University. I live in Sydney, Australia and saw blogging as a transition to get into writing.

My intentions for this blog are basic: to record a log of my day to day life experiences and thoughts (kinda like a diary but more masculine). I aim to develop my personal skills in writing and establish an interactive and relatively large audience base.

In regards to content, one day I may post about a project I have been working on (woodworking, crafting, design) and another may include a funny/interesting event that my life has pertained.

Ideally, I would like to make posts several times a week (weather permitting) and build a "repertoire" of content that may assist in future employment, entertainment and a personal sanity vent. I fear that this blog will evolve into my parallel personality in which I am a self centered asshole, but let's just see how it pans out.

So thanks for showing some interest! And stay tuned for more content, because here: It's all about quantity! ;)


  1. Hey Josh.
    Interesting read. I know you're full of interesting content so I'll have to stay tuned!
    Not sure how the blogging thing works, but if I could I would like to hear about what you want to do post university, where do you see yourself.

    Keep doing what you do!

  2. Hey Seenbean!

    Thanks for the feedback, it means the world!
    I'm new to this as well and am learning as I go. I do intend on making a separate post addressing this question and providing some background to my aims and goals. In summary however, after my university degree I would like to embrace my creative side and pursue some form of comedy. This may include script writing for a sitcom, stand-up comedy or song writing. The blog attempts to basically develop my writing experience and create a portfolio that I could present to a potential employer in the future.

    Josh Scriv.

  3. You appear to be a golden retriever. How do you manage the keyboard so adeptly with those paws?

    1. Consequently. With immense difficulty, don't even get me started with the saliva on the mousepad!

  4. Josh: It's an interesting story and fairly well written. (Watch your punctuation.) I have a hard time believing that you wouldn't have noticed the 9:30 bus, though. I think you need to at least tie the ending to the lady actually helping you catch the bus or her somehow being totally in opposite to the woman you presumed her to be or you happen to notice that she was carrying a copy of The Martian in her bag and the two of you bonded over that.(And then she keeled over dead as the bus approached! ; )

    I hope you will take a look at my blog at:
    and give me some feedback.

  5. Hey Dennis!
    Thanks for your constructive feedback. Yes, punctuation is definitely a weakness; my high-school English teacher would surely be shaking her head (but not surprised!).
    I know at times stories can sound far-fetched, however, if you were to ask any of my close friends that were aware of my utterly vague nature then they would not be surprised in the slightest. lol.

    I suppose this is where I need to make a decision: Do I keep stories as accurate to how they unfolded as possible? Or, can I expand on thoughts and experiences that I have encountered to construct a more entertaining story. I'd like to thank you for making myself aware of this moral dilemna. :)

    Haha! That is indeed a twist! Made me giggle. Or maybe even: It turns out to be my grandma!

    I would be most honoured to do the same to your blog. :D